The inspiration for The Cotswold Platter Co. was conceived during a conversation with an Australian friend during the summer of 2019. The concept of grazing tables was already well established in Australia but still a relatively new style of casual, social dining in the UK.

Seeing photos of these stunning feasts ignited something within me, this was a unique dining experience that I hadn’t seen before. Having studied art at college, trained and worked in the hospitality industry and then in corporate event management plus my natural love of food, it dawned on me that my combined experiences could be the catalyst for something truly delicious!

It was the Spring of 2020 that saw The Cotswold Platter Co. evolve from an exciting concept to a fabulous reality! Like everyone else at this time, I found myself in lockdown due to the COVID19 outbreak, but in addition to this I had also moved house and resigned from my job in the week prior to lockdown. I was certainly feeling anxious and unsettled, but I knew I had to take charge of the situation and do something to occupy my mind. I decided to start decorating my new house, and it was whilst I was decorating that I reminisced about that conversation from the previous summer, and before I knew it my creativity started to flow.

I thought about names for the business, colour schemes, logo designs, food options, display ideas‚ and before I knew it a clear vision of an exciting new business took shape in my mind! Better still, I felt inspired, I felt motivated and I felt the same buzz as when I saw those photos for the first time.

I then made a conscious effort to shift my state of mind away from worry and anxiety to self-belief and new beginnings! I decided to view this time as a fabulous opportunity to immerse myself fully into the creation of something which would not only give me a great sense of achievement, but would provide me with the most exciting future to look forward to! Then, when lockdown started to ease and life returned to some semblance of normality I wanted The Cotswold Platter Co. to be ready to take on the brave new world that awaited us, at a time when socialising meant so much more than it had ever done so before.

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